New South Wales Environment Protection Authority

Software Development

Waste Levy & Data System

NSW EPA needed to replace their existing Waste Data System to accommodate the introduction of new waste regulations which would see an increase in levy and data obligations across the state. 

FINNZ developed a Waste and Resource Reporting Portal (WARRP), this enabled NSW to be ready and able to comply with the changes to legislation that came into effect on the 1st of August 2015.


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Software Development

Fisheries Management Solution

FINNZ worked with FishServe to develop a new flexible fisheries management solution to cater for future legislative change as well as supporting all existing rules and regulations.

The new sytem supports the management of fishing registers, licencing, catch entitlement, reporting, trading and related financial management activities. Ultimately, the FINNZ Fisheries Management Solution will provide fisheries managers with certainty regarding the parties involved in commercial fishing and their rights, attributes and activities.

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Software Development

Vessel licence & Catch Data Management

FINNZ worked with SPRFMO (South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation) to define the systems and processes required to facilitate the receipt and validation of fishing data from SPRFMO’s member states.

The project resulted in SPRFMO having the platform and framework they needed to manage their data and support the sustainable management of their fishing grounds. 

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Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Software Development

Queensland Waste Levy & Data Systems

FINNZ began working with Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science (DES) (Previously Queensland Department of Environment & Heritage Protection) in late 2011 to develop a system to manage and operate Queensland's new waste levy.

The system that FINNZ produced not only delivered the means to operate and manage the levy but it was also able to adapt when changes in state government came into effect in 2012 resulting in the levy being removed.

FINNZ subsequently worked with DES to enhance the solution to become a wider waste data collection system with a focus on non-levy centric waste handling and process data.

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Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand

Software Development & Operations

Waste Disposal Levy Implementation & Management

The Waste Minimisation Act, came into effect on 1 July 2009, which saw the introduction of a new waste levy as a means to reduce household waste being deposited in landfill.  To implement the act, collecting waste data and managing the levy, not only required good systems and processes, but also an operational capacity that didn’t exist within the Ministry.

By leveraging our similar experience in the fisheries sector, FINNZ was able to successfully partner with the Ministry to implement the operational elements of the waste policy.

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Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Software Development

Queensland’s Living Heritage Information System

In 2015 FINNZ implemented a Heritage Solution for Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science (Previously the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection).

This modern platform is comprised of a state heritage database and register, coupled with a digital asset management solution, specifically designed to administer and share Queensland’s cultural heritage information. 

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New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade: Tokelau


Tokelau Fishery Policy Implementation Strategy

Tokelau required an implementation plan to advise them on the necessary business processes and system requirements they would need to ensure the successful implementation and management of their new Fishers Policy (released June 2011).

FINNZ undertook a full assessment of the existing procedures and systems they had in place to see what they needed to do to move forward and adhere to the new policy.

FINNZ successfully developed an implementation plan which Tokelau could use to successfully implement the new policy to ultimately ensure they had a fisheries management solution which would guarantee the sustainability of their fish stocks.

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Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi


UAE Sustainable Fisheries Programme

FINNZ is part of a New Zealand based consortium charged with supporting the government of Abu Dhabi to design and implement a series of fisheries reforms aimed at rebuilding fishstocks in the waters of the UAE.  This is delivered through the auspices of an agreement between the New Zealand Government to Government Partnerships Limited (G2G) and the government of Abu Dhabi.  

In particular, FINNZ provided insights on the collection, housing, and dissemination of fisheries data along with the policy needed to drive effective Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS).  

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World Bank Group


Ministry of Fish Wealth, Republic of Yemen

FINNZ worked with the ministry to assess the governance and organisation structures and resources required to appropriately manage Yemen’s fish resources.  

FINNZ's analysis focused on IT systems and information flow processes along with designing organizational structures, as well as administrative roles and responsibilities for the front line management of fisheries access and reporting.

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