E-book: Collecting Robust Waste Data

3 15, 2018

Why is collecting Waste Data so important?

With a growing population and demand for consumer products rising at an exponential rate we are now generating more waste than ever before, which in turn is driving the need to identify and set aside more land for the disposal of our waste.

More landfills can’t be the answer.

It is now well recognised that widespread behavioural change needs to be achieved to alter how society generates, handles and disposes of waste. The collection and monitoring of credible waste data is now a common method used by regulators to manage their waste more effectively. 

What information can I expect to find within this e-book?

  • Good data principles to follow to ensure you are collecting not only accurate but timely data as well
  • The polices behind waste data initiatives
  • Points to consider when developing a system to support practical and timely management of waste data
  • Examples of how successfully implemented waste data initiatives can generate real positive change in how we manage our waste
  • Real-world examples of how waste data is being managed effectively via the use of smart online systems

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