FINNZ Heritage Solutions take the pain out of managing large heritage databases, bringing all relevant heritage information together with a smart all-in-one solution that enables easy access and management of heritage resources.

  • Capture – all heritage information, files, and images in one place
  • Manage – heritage processes, add new places, permits, reports, applications, and more
  • Publish – provide open access to digital heritage collections
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Rich Views

Ability to include rich views of heritage information such as maps and reports.


All-in-one solution

Enables all information linking to a record to be accessed and managed through one system easily and accurately.


Google-like Search

Allows resources and information to be linked via keywords grouping records together.


Report Generation

Facilitates the generation of reports for internal and external users, along with certificates and other public documentation.


Application Processes

Facilitates entire application processes, including applications to add or remove places to a register and appeal decisions.



Increase Productivity

Increased internal efficiencies, freeing up time of heritage staff to focus on other tasks.


Device Friendly

Provides mobile access through tablets, facilitating the tasks of staff in the field.


Easy Access

Provide easy and open access to digital heritage material.


Single Point of Truth

Provides a single point of truth for all heritage records, eliminating the risk of inaccurate information being shared and obtained.


Easy Digital Asset Management

Reduce the workload associated with the capture, storage and management of digital assets.

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